Be enlighten: With a new from to enhance BACK PAIN and support MENTAL HEALTH within 21 days through YOGA PRACTICE at home!

This 20 minutes a day technique has been successfully introduced in the USA 
and it is now available in the UK and the EU!

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6 Ways in which Yoga can transform the practice of daily routine in your life with less pain and better mind set:
  • star-full Spiritual enlightenment 
  • star-full Specific meditation to control the mind
  • star-full Bones and joints improvement
  • star-full Retain health and vigour
  • star-full Strengthen muscles 
  • star-full Improve vertical spine posture
Attention: If you are a woman, who suffers from frequent BACK PAIN and not able to carry out daily routine or exercises. Yoga can consequently help you now!

Within the past years, studies have identified the impact of YOGA for women who are affected by: constant pain, not able to carry out daily routine and exercise, due to pain! Do not limit your capability because of pain!

The results from these studies were simply amazing and alarming!! View some of the results personally:

CORPO: Alimentação e Fitness

Improvement in BACK PAIN and KNEES

Studies have shown that in addition to reducing pain, it will also reduce the risk of suffering from ARTHRITIS
VIDA: Prosperidade e Produtividade

Significant POSTURE improvement

Your stature, balance, flexibility and mobility will benefit from practice.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Strengthens JOINTS and BONES

This will prevent injuries and reduce the risk of bone fracture, a serious problem that affects millions of women worldwide.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Improves VERTICAL SPINE by strengthening

Few people know, but the only way that spinal discs receive nutrients is through movement.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Significant improvement in leg swelling

Many heart problems are caused by circulatory problems. Yoga helps to pump blood and circulate oxygen to all parts of the body in a healthy way.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Increase your immune system

When you stretch, contract and move your body through different yoga postures, you strengthen the lymphatic system. This enhances its ability to fight infections and diseases, to repel cancer cells and to discard toxic waste from the body.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

SLEEP well

As a way of relieving stress and physical activity, yoga helps to establish healthy sleep patterns.
MENTE: Saúde Quântica

Highly recommended to women who are looking to get FIT and improve LIFE STYLE

One of the most suitable practices for women, with great benefits and little risk of physical injuries


More than 5 million women practice Yoga worldwide


It is an ancient practice which highly improves the balance of body and mind


More than 257,000 women worldwide have said they have benefited in practice

Impactful News on Yoga Practice for Women

Yoga practice grows more and more in the UK and in the world helping thousands of women

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The growth of Yoga practice

An article from BBC News reveals the significant growth of those who have chosen to practice Yoga. We are able to identify range of target groups of all ages and sex embracing the traditional Hindu practice.

Studies demonstrate the grown of Yoga practice world wide. Within this, listing some of the common benefits such as: socialising, spiritual enlightenment, bones and joints straightening and many other benefits.

Additionally, we zoom into huge impact on how Yoga has affected the world?
BBC News explores how 'Practitioners in more than 100 countries have planned events' for Yoga practice. With this article we are able to identify some secrets which are involved within the practice of Yoga and how you can fully benefit from it?

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Improve well-being and balance

The NHS website explores some crucial benefits from the practice of Yoga. it does not only contribute towards the well-being of other, it also helps elderly people by improving their balance which reduces their chance of falling.

'Yoga is popular with people with arthritis for its gentle way of promoting flexibility and strength' - NHS. The benefits of practicing Yoga are unlimited. But the best part of it is being able to live a life with free of pain and limitations in regards to what you can do.

There is not a age required to practice Yoga, 'People often start yoga in their 70s, and many say they wish they had started sooner. There are yoga classes for every age group. Yoga is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed at any time, from childhood to your advanced years'. - NHS Therefore, start practicing Yoga today with our Digital Book - YogaFlow Team and be a part of many other who have been benefited from YOGA!

Yoga helps develop breath, strength of mind, body and even boost weight loss

'Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood'. - Harvard Health Publications  Choose healthier future for you today by allowing your body to be transformed by Yoga. Within this, embrace all the benefits that Yoga can offer you today and to your future self.

Becoming more mindful in regards to the way you act and deal with daily problems in your life through Yoga. 'Yoga develops inner awareness. It focuses your attention on your body's abilities at the present moment. It helps develop breath and strength of mind and body. It's not about physical appearance'. - Harvard Health Publication. Take a step forward today, and change the way you approach life!

All these information are now available for you to access through our Digital Book Program YOGAFLOW TEAM

A full program of 21 days for women who are seeking BACK PAIN and JOINTS improvements as well as MINDFULNESS and spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT. Plus all the health and wellbeing benefits from practicing YOGA

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Get ready for a new movement in your life!

With just 12 minutes a day ... you can now reduce your back pain.


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Instrutora de Yoga

YOGAFLOW TEAM, formed by American instructors.

Including all women in their middle adulthood and over, who are not able to conduct regular exercise due to Back Pain. We developed the YogaFlow Team. With 100% Online program with everything you need to start practicing your first Yoga movement in 24 hours or less form the comfort of your house. Including light reading and high quality detailed images demonstrated step by step. Work your body, your mind and especially your vertical spine. All this, without having to step a foot on a gym or studio. All this at your house! We YogaFlow Team are very happy to be with you in this fight against your pain and I am sure you will overcome your Back Pain. Additionally, discovering a new way of living, with even more energy and joy.

YogaFlow Team.

Get Your YogaFlow Online Book Today and Be Pain Free.
Don't Feel Pain, Feel Good!

With only 12 minutes per DAY of practice at your home!


What you will receive by purchasing the Digital YogaFlow Team Book

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What you will discover exactly:

The Sequence of Movements That Will Relieve Your Pains

Why yoga is no longer just for young people in their twenties in shape!
Because yoga is so suitable for women in their middle adulthood!
All the Safety Tips before you start practicing your first yoga move!
Additionally, just 12 minutes of yoga a day for 3 weeks can reduce your back pain and allow you to undertake simply activities at home!
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And more! The 21 Day Yoga Challenge For You!

A complete and step-by-step schedule from scratch so you can start going from your first yoga movement to conquering a new life with much more pleasure and less body pain!

Exactly what to do and how to prepare for the first 7 days of your 21-day challenge!
You will understand how small adjustments in your breathing can make you more active and mentally prepared to start your yoga movements.
How stretching will prepare your body and get you ready to start your daily yoga movements.
What to do in the weeks on each DAY of the challenge to get better results

And in addition to the Ebook YogaFlow Team program, I have prepared 2 more BONUSES exclusive for you:

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The Sequence of Yoga Moves from Scratch on VIDEO

A complete and high quality video with my partner, Patricia Flores, prepared exclusively for women over 40, detailing from scratch, every detail of every movement of this ancient practice that will transform your body.
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Practice Yoga Sensibly and with Safety

Ensure you are aware of all the safety factors before initiating the practice with step by step guidance. Consequently, watch all our videos from the comfort of your phone any where, any place! All this information available on our digital book (ebook)

And there is more! Be pain free or get your money back!

Medalha com texto garantia de satisfação 100%

Yes! It is exactly how you have read it.

If within 14 days after purchasing our product, if you are not satisfied with the YogaFlow Team Program, just send a single email through our support and we will refund all your money immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does yoga replace the medication I take for pain?

No. Definitely, you can and should only change your medication with your doctor's  guidance. Remember to always seek a professional support before making further decisions that may affect your health.

How many hours a day are needed to practice?

The YogaFlow Team program was developed with the intention of being practiced for only a few minutes of your day, between 12 and 15 minutes daily. 

I do medical follow-up for my pain, should I consult you before starting the program?

Yes. If you already do close monitoring for your spine and body pain, or use any controlled medication, it is totally recommended that you notify your doctor before starting your first Yoga movements. This will prevent problems from occurring in the future. And aways seek professional advise from your doctor.

From the moment I buy, how long will I receive the content?

You will receive the link to download the digital book (ebook) and all access to the bonus, immediately after confirming your purchase. If there is any problem related to receiving the digital book (ebook) feel free to contact our support team, we will be right with you as soon as possible.

How soon can I start seeing results?

From practicing the first movements, you will beginning to see results within 24 hours.

I am sedentary, is this program for me?

This is definitely the most suitable program for you, as it starts with simple movements and slowly graduates. Ensure you are keeping track of time until you start exercising Yoga daily. It will provide you vitality and energy to keep pushing yourself as well as reducing back pain.